Post-Brexit Residency for Brits

23rd of September 2021

We look at how British Nationals can now live in Portugal post-Brexit.

For years, British nationals have been allowed to stay in Portugal for as long as they liked without any restrictions.  Since Brexit, many have been shocked to find that their time is now limited to just 90 in 180 days and this limit applies to the whole Schengen area.  Therefore, anyone that travels or has homes in more than one European country must now re-think their time abroad. 

EU nationals can continue to come and go, providing they do not exceed 183 days, or they can be deemed tax resident here. British residents wishing to stay for longer than 90 days must consider other options, which are determined by personal circumstances.

Pre-Brexit, an appointment at the local town hall to apply for a CRUE residency certificate was a straightforward process. Last year British people applied in droves, many without realising the consequences of doing so.  This certificate is a temporary document for five years of permanent residency.  It is not for temporary residence so that holders can come and go as they please like they did pre-Brexit. 

The town hall process continues for EU nationals, but British nationals must now apply for residency through a Golden Visa or D7 visa. 

The Golden Visa scheme requires an investment of 500,000€ in property or 350,000€ in funds.  From January 2022, property purchases in Lisbon, Porto, and the Coastal areas of the Algarve will be excluded from the applications. Anyone interested in buying in these areas is advised to start their application by August 2021.

Extendable to family members and with a low minimum stay requirement of seven days in the first year, the Golden Visa is an attractive option